Rosanna’s Tablescape Contest

The winners for Rosanna’s Tablescape Contest have now all been announced. I did not place in the top 3 but was lucky to receive the only Honourable Mention and $50 gift card. Thank you Rosanna! Looking forward to picking out something special on I truly loved creating this tablescape and can’t wait to celebrate Easter in a few weeks! Here was my submission:

“My inspiration of an Easter-theme table for my girlfriends to celebrate Easter with a weekend brunch features our favorite furry animal — bunny rabbits! An image of a bunny is featured on the gallery wall, linen napkins at each place setting and a life-sized rabbit figurine makes a whimsical visit to our table. Each guest is treated to a vanilla strawberry cupcake, which is displayed under a glass dome and elevated on a Rosanna Décor Bon Bon Hue Mini Pedestal stand. Decorated Easter eggs are sprinkled around the table for a final special touch.”

01_Paige Smith Designs_MG_857302_Paige Smith Designs_MG_847703_Paige Smith Designs_MG_847404_Paige Smith Designs_MG_850005_Paige Smith Designs_MG_850606_Paige Smith Designs_MG_849807_Paige Smith Designs_MG_850808_Paige Smith Designs_MG_8616


Family Reunion

Paige Smith_Family_MG_4649Paige Smith_Family_MG_4651 Paige Smith_Family_MG_4652 Paige Smith_Family_MG_4653 Paige Smith_Family_MG_4655 Paige Smith_Family_MG_4657 Paige Smith_Family_MG_4658 Paige Smith_Family_MG_4661 Paige Smith_Family_MG_4662


Chairish Mix n Chic Style Challenge

A little while ago, the good people at Chairish reached out to me and asked if I would like to participate in their exclusive Mix n Chic Style Challenge. To be honest, I had never heard of Chairish before, which is an exclusive, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage and used furniture. Well, hello, nice to meet you! I quickly said ‘yes’ and I am really excited that they thought I was a good fit to take on their blogger challenge. Plus, they have the most amazing furniture and decorative pieces to choose from, it was so much fun pulling the style board together. The hardest part was making up my mind!

So what is the Mix n Chic Challenge? The challenge is to mix and match Shabby Chic into a room of my choice featuring items from Chairish. I chose the French settee as the foundation of my design in which to build everything else around it. Funny enough, the timing of this blogger challenge has been perfect because I have been wanting to figure out how to decorate the sitting area space just adjacent to our kitchen. There is already a linen covered settee in the area and I keep having this vision of creating a gallery wall above it with all of my vintage pictures and treasures.

Chairish_Blogger Challenge

1 – Vintage French Settee with New Linen Upholstery
I absolutely adore this settee as its a bit more curvy than the one I currently have. It is key that it is upholstered in a neutral linen colour because it makes it easy to swap in and out throw pillows from season to season — which is a big deal for me. I would rather spend a few dollars to buy some new pillows than fork out bigger bucks because I am ‘tired’ of a large investment piece. And believe me, us designer people can get tired of things pretty quickly.

2 – Shabby Chic Beachy Lamps
Wow! Check out these vibrant and bold indigo blue lamp shades. Now I must admit I have done a switch-a-roo here, as I swapped out the original rattan bases for the other mid-century white ones that I liked better (see below). But this is the great thing about vintage lamps. If it comes with shades or a base not to your liking, it is so easy to swap out either of them and it changes the look instantly. In fact, I love the contrast of the mid-century look with the beach-inspired lamp shades. I think they look amazing together!

3 – White Mid-Century Table Lamp
I am usually not attracted to mid-century pieces, but I just love the graphic pattern and visual weight of this lamp. White is such a great neutral that it can be mixed and matched with anything of different styles.

4 – Gold Wash Leaf Ash Tray
Eeks! I picked this out and then realized later, ‘Oh my goodness, it’s a bloody ashtray!’ No smokers in this house, but I figure ‘why not’. It brings a touch of nature and the perfect little place to keep things, like a set of keys.

5 – Decorative Piece of Coral
My fiancé loves to scuba dive so this is a small memento to remind him of his many trips and bring the sea a bit closer to him everyday.

6 – French Country Round Butler Accent Table
I know it’s a sin to be ‘too matchy-matchy’ but I really love how the blue of these tables ties in with the lampshades as well as the Paris sign. I love the overall balance that is achieved with the matching side tables and lamps. And with the central focus of the round mirror in the middle of the wall, it really makes my inner Libra a very happy and balanced girl.

7 – Hierarchy Accent Pillow
I love crowns and I love hearts, so this pillow is the cutest thing ever! I am a very picky colour person and red must be one of the colours I do not like at all. But in this small dose, it adds a bit of ‘pop’ and is a symbol of my love for my sweetie.

8 – Postal De La Tour Designer Pillows (Pair)
One of my very first jobs during college was at a stamp & coin shop. I never collected stamps or coins as a kid, but I definitely grew to appreciate it. I love being surrounded by things that have meaning to me. To some people, objects are just things, but to me they are a reflection and reminder of who I am.

9 – Painted Round Wood Mirror
I own a very similar round mirror currently sitting in storage. Now that I have done this style board, I definitely need to get it out and up on my wall.

10 – Ozark Folk Art Antique Tin Letter ‘S’
I love that these have been made with vintage ceiling tin tiles. The rusty colour of the letters tie in beautifully with the brown wood frame of the settee.

11 – Milk Glass Decorative Plate
I collect vintage fine bone china saucers so instead of a milk glass plate, I would hang up a plate of fine china with beautiful satin ribbon for some romantic charm.

12 – French Porcelain Enamel Street Sign
Many years ago I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in Paris visiting a girlfriend. This charming sign is the perfect reminder of my time walking the streets of Paris.

13 – Large Retro Light Up Marquee Ampersand Sign
How cool is this? Great for adding some sparkle and ambience.

14 – Ozark Folk Art Antique Tin Letter ‘R’

15 – Large White Concrete Deer Wall Mount
When I was a kid, I always thought it was creepy to have heads of dead things on the wall. Funny how tastes can change and deer heads have become a design decor staple. At least I can sleep at night knowing that this guy is made of concrete and was never alive in the first place.

16 – Nuvolette Wallpaper – Cole and Son
I have been crushing on this wallpaper design for a while now. I thought it was just a phase and then I would be wanting something else, but it has definitely stuck with me and still on my ‘love/want’ list. The name of this wallpaper design is called ‘Nuvolette’ and it is a smaller version of Cole & Son’s existing Nuvole design. It comes in three colour ways but my favourite is still the black and white version which is so striking like a stormy sky at sea.

A big thank you goes out to Chairish for this wonderful opportunity to create a Mix n Chic style board. In fact, this has been my very first blogger challenge and the first time I have created a style board with furniture and home decor accessories. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to start creating my gallery wall/seating area in real life!


Au Lit Fine Linens

At the end of April, I went through the process of applying for a senior graphic design position with a bedding company called Au Lit Fine Linens. The role was to manage the brand online, in print and everything in-store as well. I absolutely adore the brand which is so elegant and beautiful with a French sophistication and was thrilled for the opportunity. As part of the interview process, I was asked to design a print ad, create a blog post and photograph my bed to showcase my skills and abilities for the position. It was so much fun and the following images are the results of my effort — styling and photography.

Before and AfterLuckily, I really love my bed with the tufted upholstery headboard, so this was an easy assignment to do. I have always wanted to put up wallpaper to create an accent wall in my bedroom, so this was my chance to see what ‘Petal Pusher’ by Oh Joy would look like. Fantastic! And yes, that is my baby stuffed bunny.

The idea behind the blog post was featuring Au Lit products, such as a new embroidery pattern. In this case, I used my own shams and duvet with a ‘Laurel’ pattern for illustrative purposes. By promoting new products, it is an opportunity to inspire customers on how to create their own bedscape, just like they would see in the store. Just by swapping out pillows and accessories, it showed how the pattern was so versatile integrating into so many different looks.

Although I was told I was ‘far and away our top candidate’, the company ultimately decided to outsource the role to a branding & marketing agency. I must be honest and say that I was really sad for missing out on this dream-job opportunity. I do wish the owner of Au Lit Fine Linens much success and I appreciate that they will keep me top of mind for freelance work in the future.

Treasure Hunting in Munich

At this time last year, I was in Munich, Germany, visiting a good friend of mine. It was just before Easter and it was such a delight to see all of the stores decorated with bunnies and colourful eggs. So now this year, Easter here in Canada is reminding me of my time in Germany.

Of course wherever I go, I just love checking out the local flea markets. Although I had to venture out on my own that day and I don’t speak one word of German, I managed to find the flea market at Olympia Park and purchase a few finds.

Paige Smith_Fleamarket_IMG_1974This outside flea market is on the parking lot grounds of a sport stadium and it was row upon row of merchants selling stuff out of their vehicle. Generally, there has never been a flea market I did not like, but I must say that my first impression of this flea market seemed ‘trashy’. Luckily, as I went deeper into the market, things got better and I found a few treasures that caught my eye.

Paige Smith_Fleamarket_IMG_1970These huge gold candle holders might seem a bit over-the-top on their own, but I could envision them transformed with a new coat of spray paint in a trendy colour. Or even black to take them to being classy and elegant. But alas, they were GIANT and looked like they weighed a ton so they definitely did not come home with me.

Paige Smith_Fleamarket_IMG_1971
Everywhere I went, I saw tons and tons of mounted animal skulls. Seeing the sheer amount of so many seemed a bit creepy at first. But they eventually grew on me and I packed a little guy with me in my suitcase (not shown here).
Paige Smith_Fleamarket_IMG_1972Paige Smith_Fleamarket_IMG_1977Paige Smith_Fleamarket_IMG_1995
 Later that day, I stumbled across an antique store in the heart of Munich. Everything in this store seemed like it was hundreds of years old, and it most likely was. I also got the feeling that everything was worth a gazillion dollars which was a sharp contrast from being at the flea market. I instantly fell in love with this dresser of drawers and the tassels hanging from the giant keys. I think it would be the perfect statement piece in any room of the house. I have yet to see anything close to this in Canada. But when I do, it will be a glorious day!

My Favourite Flea Market Find

I was asked by my friend Janine of  Uppercase Magazine to share the most memorable or meaningful thing that I have found while scavenging. Thanks for thinking of me — I am the perfect person to ask this question!

Paige Smith_Uppercase_MG_0815But then I quickly realized how hard it was going to be! For someone who has ‘scavenged’ at flea markets all over the world and I am fortunate to have found so many meaningful things on my travels — how do I just pick one thing? For a collector (and hoarder) like me, it was a tough assignment. Is it going to be my stuffed toy bunny from Paris? Or the celestial prints from New York? After much debate, I submitted the following…

Paige Smith_Uppercase_MG_9412In 1998, I worked in Stockholm for three months. At the Loppmarknaden located in Vårberg, I discovered a large black folio titled ‘Kasvisto’. I had no idea what the title meant until I opened it and found a collection of pressed flowers and plants from the 1950’s. It reminded me of when I was a little girl and how much I loved collecting pretty flowers from the garden and pressing them in between large stacks of phone books. I was so happy to bring the folio home with me and is a dear reminder of my time in Sweden.

Paige Smith_Uppercase_MG_0840Have you heard of Uppercase Magazine? It is a magazine for the creative and curious which was founded in 2009 by publisher, editor and designer Janine Vangool. It has been so inspiring for me to see this publication take flight from day one. And it is really impressive that Janine ‘wears pretty much every hat imaginable’ to make each issue happen. If you have the chance, pick one up if you can — it will truly inspire you to create and spark the courage to live your creative life to the fullest!
Paige Smith_Uppercase_MG_0852
Available in Chapters/Indigo stores across Canada and many other independent locations here in Toronto including: Good Egg, Kid IcarusSwipe Books and Type Books.

Xmas Treasure in Dubai

It was such a pleasant surprise when I was contacted by a picture editor from a magazine called Emirates Woman located in Dubai. The magazine was doing a feature on festive christmas wrappings and she asked permission to use an image from a previous post called X-mas Treasures.
61_FR_Gift Wrap_A
Vintage Wrapping_MG_3057

Sketchbook No. 1 – Birthday Inspiration

Last night, my dear friends (Barb, Kelly, Lori) took me out for a birthday movie and drinks afterwards (It was also Lori’s B-Day too the week earlier). We went to see Farewell, My Queen….since Barb and Kelly just got back from Paris. What lucky girls! We were expecting an epic drama, but unfortunately, the movie was definitely a ‘sleeper’……but the costumes and decor were divine!

Farm Chicks

I know that Farm Chicks was back in June….and I am only getting around to posting it now. Totally retarded I know. But my life has been a roller coaster ride since making the decision to move from Calgary to Toronto. And this is also why I have not posted on here for such a long time. Anyways, the months have now ticked down to weeks and now it is just 35 days away!
OK, now back to Farm Chicks. All I can say is A – M – A – Z – I – N – G!!!! Had a great road trip with one of my best buddy gals, Kelly (of Everything Toile) and her mom. Here are a few little tidbits of things I found interesting. Brought home some goodies too!
As you can see, I was totally loving nests! But who doesn’t? 

And these booties with little nests tucked inside are so cute!

And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE bunnies!


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