‘Mom to Be’ Chair Banner Décor for Baby Shower

If you are planning to host a baby shower, here is a beautiful and easy decor idea to dress up the party and make the ‘Mom to Be’ feel extra special as the guest of honour. Now, typically the banner would be displayed on the back of her chair at a baby shower, but I have styled and photographed it on the front to illustrate this craft. All of the supplies featured here are easy to find at your local craft store. Or you may all ready have these supplies at home — a selection of pretty card stock and bits and bobs — so its easy to start crafting!

03_Paige Smith_Baby Shower_Mom to Be Chair Banner DecorMaterials
• Various crafting card stock in complimentary colours and patterns
• Alphabet letters (glitter is optional)
• Foam adhesive circles
• Seam binding or ribbon
• Bits and bobs like bows and buttons

01_Paige Smith_Baby Shower_Mom to Be Chair Banner DecorTools
• X-acto knife and blade
• Ruler
• Hole punch
• White glue (I prefer a brand called Weldbond)

04_Paige Smith_Baby Shower_Mom to Be Chair Banner DecorStep 1
Measure and cut out six rectangular cards in card stock of your choice that are 2 3/4″ wide x 5″ tall. You can use alternating paper designs for variety. Cut a small notch at the bottom of each card.

Step 2
With the hole punch, create 2 holes at the top of each card on both the right and left side.

Step 3
Arrange each letter of ‘Mom to Be’ on a separate card. You can either use glue to attach the letters to the cards. Or as I prefer, to use small foam adhesive circles that give dimension to the letters.

Step 4
At the bottom of each card, glue on the trims and buttons of your choice.

Step 5
Thread the seam binding through all of the holes in the cards to hang the banner.

05_Paige Smith_Baby Shower_Mom to Be Chair Banner Decor06_Paige Smith_Baby Shower_Mom to Be Chair Banner Decor02_Paige Smith_Baby Shower_Mom to Be Chair Banner DecorLook….my cat Jasper photo bombed my picture! He was very interested in playing with the balloons and kept sneaking back into my shot. LOL


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