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Au Lit Fine Linens

Paige Smith Portfolio Au Lit Fine Linens

Sale Campaign for Au Lit Fine Linens



Au Lit Fine Linens offers beautiful and quality bed linens, with the promise they will ‘change the way you sleep’. Twice a year, the company holds their annual month-long Pillow & Duvet sale, traditionally advertised through print ads in the Globe & Mail, newsletter campaigns, in-store signage and online marketing. Appealing to a broader demographic, a pillow giveaway was offered to a lucky follower on Instagram. To promote this sale on Instagram, I created a campaign to connect a customers ‘warm and fuzzy’ feelings of bedtime moments to Au Lit Fine Linen’s products. Styling and art directing scenes of reading and enjoying cups of tea in bed, I photographed the social media coordinator,  lounging in Au Lit’s luxurious pyjamas, pillows and duvets. The visual identity created — featuring simple vignettes and natural light — set the tone for the look and feel that is still being used.






Paige Smith portfolio featuring Au Lit Fine Linens social media campaign

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Paige Smith Portfolio Au Lit Fine Linens


LCBO Gift Cards

Paige Smith Portfolio LCBO gift cards and carriers

Gift Cards Refresh on LCBO.com



With a digital background, my main role at the LCBO involved maintaining, updating and optimizing images for the Gifts section on lcbo.com. To enhance the user experience, I eliminated two redundant gift card pages by condensing into one cohesive landing page. I designed the look and feel of the gift card page to be fresh and inviting, with the intention to update it visually on a regular basis to reflect the occasion or season. To purchase gift cards online, users are directed to a third-party website provided by GiveX to fulfill the order — for both B2C and B2B.






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Gift Cards Landing Page





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