Sketchbook No. 1

I have always kept a sketchbook. Back in art school, it was a requirement but I did not mind. I loved keeping a sketchbook because it was a place to explore ideas and capture notes without any judgement. Well, that is until I let my inner critic out of the closet….
Now, I have black coil bound sketchbooks where I collect images of everything that inspires me. And I realize that A LOT inspires me. Everything from fashion and home décor accessories to handmade crafts and beautiful packaging. My tastes and the range of stuff that I find inspiring is endless. How can I love so much? Oh, but I do….
And to be honest, I clip images of what I love out of magazines faster than I can glue-stick them into my sketchbooks. I am so far behind that if I was to stack up all of the pages I have clipped out already, it would come up to my knees. And I am not kidding!!! Is there group therapy for this?
Happy clipping….snip, snip, snip….


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  1. Barb Brown
    March 7, 2011 at 11:52 pm (13 years ago)

    Your sketchbooks are a work of art themselves…very creative, fun and what a great inspiration to track ideas and projects. Nice!


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