Saucer Heaven

A few weeks ago at the flea market, I was inquiring with a vendor if they had any single saucers to sell. Unknown to me at the time, a lady overheard my conversation and her ears perked up. She came over to me later to say that she had a huge collection of saucers which she was wishing to sell. Turns out that her mother, now 86, had collected saucers as a hobby for many years of her life. I bought her entire collection — a total of 480 saucers. I was on cloud nine!


Christmas in July

This past spring, I went through some things (um, I mean, lots of junk!) in my mom’s basement. I found this really ratty box of old christmas ornaments. A label on the box states that they were ‘Made in Japan’. They are probably not worth a dime but I can still see their beauty reflecting back to me.

And yes, you can see me in some of the ornaments!


Pretty Little Things

For awhile now I have been collecting vintage earrings at the flea market. I realize that turning them into magnets is not a new idea. But what an easy and quick way to transform them into something useful again. I think they are even more beautiful the second time around!


Brown Family

A few months ago, I finished making a shadowbox for my Aunt Marilyn. Her maiden name is Brown and she wanted to display the photographs of her family history. The images shown do not include the frame of the shadowbox.


Numbers for Dinner

The other day I popped in to see Janine at Uppercase Gallery to say hello and give my personal congrats on her recent launch of the new magazine full of curiosities. I can’t wait to eat up every page with delight!

Like a bad habit, I am always collecting and I find that it is always more fun to give away things to those who will appreciate them the most. So I knew that these numbered napkin holders would fit perfectly at home with Janine. And it became the inspiration for a Type Tuesday!

Santa came early!

Santa could not wait for Christmas day so we opened up presents early this year. I have been a very good girl! He gave me a Canon 40D camera.

I am so thrilled! For me, this is like going from driving a hatchback to a Hummer. I have lots to learn so I am reading the instruction manual like the bible. I started using the camera this afternoon so here are the results of me playing around with it. Pretty amazing considering that I only used natural lighting (late in the day) and winged it with no tripod. As I get the hang of it, I will be sure to post more. Wish me luck!


Etsy store

I am pleased to announce that I have launched a store on Etsy. A small selection of ring holders featuring china patterns from Grosvenor, Royal Standard and Paragon are available to purchase online.

Be sure to check back in the new year when I will have more beautiful pieces listed. The images below are a few items from the store. Happy shopping!


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