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Ball’s Falls Décor Packages Presentation Deck








Autonomi by Audi Presentation Deck






Heirloom Keepsakes



Paige Smith’s Heirloom Keepsakes Presentation Deck







Paige Smith Portfolio Gucci Ecommerce Pitch

GUCCI e-Commerce Website Pitch



GUCCI is the biggest Italian luxury brand in the world. This project was a concept pitch for the e-commerce site work of The goal was to adapt the retail environment into an immersive brand experience online. The focus was on showcasing the beautifully designed products, selling the stories behind the clothes and providing cross-selling opportunities. Despite the short deadline, this collaborative effort resulted in a win for the agency.
















Hudson’s Bay

Paige Smith Portfolio Hudsons Bay Days

Hudson’s Bay Refresh Concept



Hudson’s Bay holds their ‘BayDays’ —  a promotional campaign twice a year. The main objective of this design assignment was to develop a BayDays editorial landing page to unify the various offers and incorporate the typography lock up and provided imagery assets. To tell the story of ‘So much to LOVE’, I featured the various product offerings in the numbers of ‘More Reasons to LOVE…’— from jewelry to luggage.







Hudsons Bay_Page



Paige Smith Portfolio Branding Banner Campaign offered beauty-focused women the ability to customize cosmetic products based on their skin and hair type. To promote the cosmetic and beauty products of this young and fresh brand, I designed a series of bright and playful banners communicating the essence of the brand through imagery, color palette and fonts consistent with the web site. The challenge of keeping the file size to minimum requirements was also achieved for optimal loading time without loss of image quality.












LCBO Gift Cards

Paige Smith Portfolio LCBO gift cards and carriers

Gift Cards Refresh on



With a digital background, my main role at the LCBO involved maintaining, updating and optimizing images for the Gifts section on To enhance the user experience, I eliminated two redundant gift card pages by condensing into one cohesive landing page. I designed the look and feel of the gift card page to be fresh and inviting, with the intention to update it visually on a regular basis to reflect the occasion or season. To purchase gift cards online, users are directed to a third-party website provided by GiveX to fulfill the order — for both B2C and B2B.






Paige Smith Portfolio Gift Cards landing page

Gift Cards Landing Page





Paige Smith Portfolio GiveX Gift Cards B2C

B2C Home Page





Paige Smith Portfolio GiveX Gift Card B2B

B2B Home Page



Beauty Brand & Packaging

Branding and Packaging for Bath Program



I designed this branding and packaging project for Upper Canada Soap, a bath and beauty company. The marketing director was looking to introduce a new bath program to be sold at one of Canada’s leading drug store chains. The intention of the program was to attract the millennial consumer who would otherwise be shopping at Sephora and Victoria Secret. The mission was to create a brand with strong shelf presence to attract this demographic: 18 – 35 years old, social media savvy, aware of high end brands yet very price conscientious. I researched into the millennial mindset to understand their goals, motivations and pain points. And to gain an understanding of the current market, my research involved visiting brick and mortar drug stores, as well as the beauty competitors in the retail industry.





The brand personality was to be fun, fresh, smart and down-to-earth with a bit of luxe. As I was brainstorming ideas, the direction of the fragrances was inspired by girl names, which sounded pretty and playful. My approach combined these names with honest, simple ingredients of flowers and herbs. As the prominent benefit, the health properties of the fragrances were captured with simple and positive expressions. For proof of concept, I designed two out of the four fragrances required in the program.

Paige Smith Portfolio Branding Packaging Project

Including the name ‘Beauty Avenue’, the line of bath products included: hand wash, body lotion, soap bar, body mist; and a boxed gift set as well.


Paige Smith Portfolio Branding Packaging Project

The bright colour palette was selected for high visibility image on drug store shelves and Instagram-worthy shots. And the use of nature-inspired illustrations promoted a feeling of fun, fresh, health and wellness.

Paige Smith Portfolio Branding Packaging Project

As millennials are connected to the way ingredients affect their overall health, the natural ingredients would be: 100% organic, bio-degradable, non-toxic and sourced in Canada. Sustainability is also important to them, so careful attention was given to the type of packaging materials used: glass instead of plastic for 100% recyclable, eco-friendly material.

Paige Smith Portfolio Branding Packaging Project




Keaton & Co. Brand Identity

Paige Smith Portfolio Keaton and Co Brand Identity

Brand Identity Concept for Keaton & Co.



I designed this brand identity concept for Keaton & Co., a Toronto-based boutique featuring high quality, monogrammed goods for the modern home. Operated by small business owner Jennifer Martinez, each monogram is lovingly designed and stitched in her home studio on a decades-old embroidery machine inherited from her mother. Offering a vast selection of fabrics, thread colours and monogram styles, almost anything can be embroidered — including napkins, throws and pillows. After a few years in business, Jennifer desired a refresh of her current brand identity; something unique that communicates who and what she does.






Paige Smith Portfolio Keaton and Co Brand Inspiration Board

To kick-off the creative process, I suggested Jennifer start a Pinterest board — capturing anything and everything that visually caught her eye. From the broad range of images, I was able to see a common thread emerge — pale and muted tones, simple, clean lines — suggesting an understated modern design with a hint to tradition. I pulled these images together to create a beautiful and unified inspiration board.



Paige Smith Designs Portfolio Keaton and Co BrandingTaking inspiration and visual clues from the nature of her handmade business, I worked with the shapes and lines suggested by sewing needles used in the process of embroidery.

Paige Smith Portfolio Keaton and Co Branding