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    Real Estate Agent Brand Identity

    Laurie Blaha just earned her real estate license and desired to have a brand identity that would set herselfapart from other Royal LePage agents — professional, classy and elegant, sophisticated and knowledgeable. Pulling from Laurie’s inspirations on Pinterest, I created a focused moodboard which captured the visual direction of her new identity. I created the icon of interlocking ‘B’s which emphasized the initial of her last name for the bold and architectural element she was looking for. The client absolutely adores her new brand identity on all of her marketing materials which others have said is ‘ Laurie’.


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    Albertsons_Online Logo

    Albertsons Fresh Flowers Logo

    Albertsons is an American grocery company. Once a redesign of was completed, Albertsons reached out to Critical Mass to also create a new ‘fresh flowers’ logo for the flower department both in-store and online. After many creative rounds, I was brought on the project to bring in a fresh and ‘feminine’ design aesthetic. When I designed a simple, clean and witty treatment of the ‘O’ as a stylized flower, the client loved their new logo.


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    Artichoke Magazine - Writings About the Visual Arts

    Artichoke is a magazine dedicated to the writings about the visual arts in Western Canada. For seven years, I organized the editorial content and designed the layout of the magazine which was published four times a year. I also approved the blue line of the sixty-four page magazine for final printing and communicated back and forth with the editor who lived in a different city via phone, fax and email. During my time working on Artichoke magazine, it was recognized as Magazine of the Year at the Western Magazine Awards.